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Is this Legal? I’ve heard that it is not legal to use Drones for commercial uses?

We are 100% legal. The FAA has developed a set of proposed ordinances and regulations governing the commercial use of drones known as Part 107. Apis Insights, LLC and all our pilots meets all requirements and is in full compliance with the FAA.

What about insurance, are you insured?

What a great question. All UAV providers should be able to demonstrate their coverage. We are happy to share our various coverages with you and can typically incorporate your needs right into our policy with ease.

How much does it cost?

Surprisingly much less than you’d expect. For growers, our pricing for aerial data, analysis and the portals to access them are typically based a per acre pricing model. Construction pricing is calculated on a per job basis, since any job can be very different than the last.

We may also have specials for you to take advantage of. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and to get a quote.

How long to set up a service appointment?

Typically within a few days, but the more time you can give us the better for us. Some variables will come into play, such as weather. We haven’t quite figured out how to control that one, yet.

If I have my own equipment, can you help me?

We would love to assist you with your equipment. Learning to operate your drone safely and effectively is always a good thing and we can certainly help you out.

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