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Agricultural services –

Apis Insights is focused on improving your results in the field. While we concentrate on fruit and nut trees and vineyards, the work doesn’t stop there. We can provide insights on virtually anything that grows in the soil.

Multi-spectral remote sensing data

We use a variety of optical and multi-spectral data collected by unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) of your field, farm or orchard. This gives the computer the necessary information to analyze your crop to identify the indicators of stress and/or health concerns in the field. This, however, can be a more complex undertaking if not done properly. Let us help you with your implementation.


As seen in this NDVI image, areas of concern can easily be identified within the vineyard. Different areas were identified, ground-truthed to assess the cause in the field and this combination gives the grower or agronomist the chance to prescribe a response to mitigate.

Almond Orchard

Almond Orchards, as with most orchards and crops, look very different from the air. Give your team the birds-eye view advantage. Coupled with expert data analysis and we can accelerate solutions for your orchard

Walnut Orchard

Here is a Walnut Orchard we flew to look for any patterns
We found a few issues, among them an old creek bed.
The grower knew about the creek, but had forgotten about.

Specialty Imaging

We fly various technologies to help pull out information
in the field. Here we were validating a product’s claim
regarding temperature control on tomatoes

Row Crops

Tomatoes from the air. Even
in a simple optical image differences
in the row structure can be seen.


Rice fields can yield information about
weeds, pests and biological problems.
What can your field tell us?

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